Saturday, 29 September 2012

Mile High Club

In a probable everyday situation,  David Cameron, Mitt Romney, the Pope and a hippy are on a plane which is destined to crash.

There are, of course, only three parachutes.

Cameron says “Well, I’m Prime Minister of Britain so I must have a parachute”. He grabs a parachute and leaps out.

Romney then says “Well, I’m going to be President of the USA and Leader of the Free World so I need a parachute”. He leaps out as well.

The Pope turns to the hippy and says “Well my son, I am perhaps nearer to God than you – you take the last parachute”.

To this the hippy replies: “Don’t worry Your Holiness, there are still two parachutes”

- “but how can that be?”

“Romney’s taken my backpack”.