Friday, 31 January 2014

Paradox Of The Unexpected Egg

Here is the scenario. You are presented with 10 little boxes labelled one to ten.

If you open them in sequence (1-10) then you fill find an unexpected egg.

Before you start opening the boxes, consider this.

It cannot be in box 10. By then you will have opened the other 9 so it can only be in box 10.

That means it cannot be in box 9 either.If we open boxes 1-8 and find no egg then it must be in box 9 as we have eliminated box 10.

Boxes 8, 7, 6…. all fall to the same logic. Even box 1 is eliminated.

You are paradoxed and think “to hell with it!” and start opening the boxes one by one.

In (say) box 3 is an egg.

You weren’t expecting that!

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