Monday, 14 April 2014

Twenty is Plenty

Croydon Labour councillors have proposed a 20 mph speed limit on residential roads.

Tories on the other hand say that lowering the speed limit won't work "...given most drivers don't obey the current 30 mph limit".

The Tory position is unclear - do they not want speed limits reduced? Perhaps they do but see it as unworkable. Might one also cynically suggest that they approve reduced speeds but see it as a vote loser?

Reducing speeds maximum speeds from 30 to 20 will reduce accidents and near misses. I reckon that can just about be proved mathematically. The time cost to the motorist is, by my calculations, no more than 30 seconds per mile which is not a lot in the course of a day.

To state that "most drivers don't obey the current 30 mph limit" is rather an indictment of the motorist and also something of a cop-out.

Most drivers do take some note of the limit and it does influence their driving even if they do do a few mph too fast. A motorist who typically drives at up to, say, 35 mph in a 30 limit is probably going to do no more 25 mph in a 20 limit.

Tories go on to mention width restrictions, one-way roads and traffic cameras.

Width restrictions don't slow traffic down - if anything the absence of larger vehicles allows other traffic to go faster.

One way streets also mean faster traffic as there is no slowing down for oncoming vehicles. This is aside from the inconvenience to residents and the extra fuel and pollution as cars can no longer take the shortest route to their destination.

Speed cameras? Well just fine, but if they can police a 30 limit why not speed cameras and a 20 limit?

Time for a rethink please!

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